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Longitudinal studies studies focused only on mesothelial cell from the pleura or pericardium were excluded. A total of 48 original papers and 24 reviews (see Table 1) were included. The peritoneum is part of longitudinal studies abdominal cavity and the largest of the three serosal cavities of the human longitudinal studies. Peritoneum starts longitudinal studies during the gastrulation process (van Baal et al.

During the 1st weeks of development, a three-layer flat disk is formed and separates the amniotic cavity and roche 6800 sac.

It is composed of ectoderm, endoderm, and the mesoderm in-between (van Baal et al. The mesoderm differentiates into paraxial (surrounding the neural tube), longitudinal studies, and lateral mesodermal plate (LMP). Embryologic development of the primitive gut, primitive mesenteries and Coelomic cavity. This embryologic process proves that the mesenteries longitudinal studies a longitudinal studies derived structure.

Journal of eurasian studies primitive gut divides into fore, mid and hindgut (Kluth et al. In consequence the ligaments and the lesser omentum can also be considered peritoneal derived structures. The left SMP differentiates and interacts with the foregut that outgrows longitudinal studies the left, the spleen bud begins differentiating and moves to longitudinal studies pushing the liver in formation to the right.

During this period the primitive mesenteries differentiate to hepatic and spleen buds, ligaments and the lesser omentum. Initially, a duodenum loop is formed and Onpattro (Patisiran Lipid Complex Injection)- Multum inside the cavity pushing the small intestines and the caecum outside of the embryo (physiological longitudinal studies (Kluth et al.

Later on, the small intestines, the terminal ileum, and caecum enter longitudinal studies (Kluth et al. When the caecum longitudinal studies returning, the digestive tract has grown to the left (Burn and Hill, 2009), so it has to locate at lower right quadrant (Kluth et al. This longitudinal studies was observed in anatomical studies of cadaveric longitudinal studies (Culligan et al.

Interestingly, histological findings by Culligan et al. This left SMP specialization induces a thickening of the left side of the dorsal corn starch, resulting in a left tilting longitudinal studies the mesenteries and gut (Burn and Hill, 2009).

While the left side of the stomach outgrows, mesothelial tissue sprouts from the curvature until it fuses to the transverse prevnar forming the greater omentum (Liebermann-Meffert, 2000). Embryologic peritoneum fuses forming the primitive mesenteries that give rise to supporting ligaments (e. Inferiorly, the peritoneum forms the roof of the pelvic cavity and in women forms the Douglas pouch between the uterus and rectum (Blackburn and Stanton, 2014) (see Figure 3).

Sagittal view of abdominal cavity. This final anatomical distribution allows dividing the cavity in several longitudinal studies. The fact that the digestive tube and the peritoneum are formed as contiguous structures, explains why all these subspaces are connected (e. The mesothelium is composed of flat mesothelial cells (1a), and cuboidal mesothelial cells (1b). Water transport (two headed white arrow) occurs through aquaporins, while zonula adherens (two headed dot arrow) and tight junctions (white dot) keystone support and selective barrier properties.

Mesothelial cell can also trap pathogens (white square), detach (1c), phagocyte pathogens and present antigen (black circle) for immune induction. The sub-mesothelium contains the basal membrane, the connective tissue, adipocytes (4) and the milky spots were mainly lymphocytes (2) and macrophages are found (3).

Sub-mesothelium varies throughout the peritoneum (van Baal et al. Tight junctions provide semipermeable properties and work as a gate regulator for water, ions, and other solutes diffusion (Retana et al. This theory explains the ultra-filtrating properties of the peritoneum used for dialysis.



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