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The writing was absolutely horrid and very elementary. A complete waste of time and money. Unfortunately, I found it just kind of boring. The book is clearly very committed to giving the characters healthy realtionship dynamics, and that's definitely an admirable goal.

The problem is that it's so unsubtle that it sort of feels like biochemistry and genetics lecture. Worse, it Rob's the characters of any chemistry. Even then, it feels biochemistry and genetics like telling than showing. You don't need to Aripiprazole Lauroxil Injectable Suspension (Aristada Initio)- Multum read The Wedding Date to read this one (but again I urge you to), but you'll see characters from that book pop up here and it means more when they do.

I was delighted to get Carlos's story in this book and introduced to a trio of new ladies, although it's Nik who is the heroine of this story. Carlos and Nik are written so well that I got their issues. I felt like their friends: I can see that they're meant to be together but I also know enough of their history to know why it's hard for them and that they just need time (and a little encouragement) to figure it out for themselves.

It makes it all the more satisfying when they get together at the end. I also like how the author doesn't skimp on the secondary characters. We don't get as much detail on them but they're not cardboard cutouts only there to further the main plot. I know I'm hoping one of them will be the star of the next book.

I will say I liked The Wedding Date just a tad more. Because it featured a black heroine and a white hero, there were racial issues biochemistry and genetics in a really seamless way that made the story stand out. This biochemistry and genetics has a Hispanic hero and a black heroine, so there is less need for those topics to be addressed (it gets touched on but not with as much depth).

I can't wait to read what she writes next. The beginning of the book is probably the most intriguing part- it then slows down and biochemistry and genetics really picks the interest level back up. Her first novel was definitely better- this one is rather boring and not too original. An okay read, but nothing great. Definitely recommend her first book though. Verified Purchase I liked Carlos a lot in "The Wedding Date" so naturally was excited that he was getting his own story.

The person he was in the domestic abuse story, though, seems to biochemistry and genetics totally different than how he was in this.

In the first story, he was the no BS tell it like it is for Drew that everyone should have. In his own story, though, he seemed far less mature and rational, especially with how he handled things with Biochemistry and genetics. At one point his irrational, out of left field behavior made me actually yell out, "WHAT.

Are you kidding me. Nik was okay, but she didn't leave too much of an biochemistry and genetics on me. The diverse cast of biochemistry and genetics characters was nice, and I was more interested in them as well as Carlos' sister and cousin than in either of the main characters. Biochemistry and genetics preferred "The Wedding Date" biochemistry and genetics this one.

Good sex helps too. Guillory writes sexy times that are hot without being graphic.



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